Becoming a Mentor

Supporting the formation of positive relationships between parents and mentors is a key part of NurturePA, Inc.’s mission. Each parent is carefully paired with a mentor when they enroll in the nurture® program, which helps support the formation of a meaningful relationship.

In order to successfully pair parents and mentors, NurturePA, Inc. managers take time to get to know each party.

Parents meet with a NurturePA, Inc. manager in the hospital following the birth of their baby. This meeting is an opportunity for the manager to learn about the parent’s personality and parenting style.

All volunteer mentors begin by filling out the online application. After the potential mentor submits the application, a NurturePA, Inc. manager gets in touch to discuss the next steps. This includes an interview, where the manager learns about the potential mentor’s background, along with their personality and parenting styles, so they can be appropriately matched with parents.

Despite the fact that mentors and parents do not meet face-to-face, very meaningful relationships are still formed. Most mentor-parent relationships are long lasting. There is nothing like the wellbeing of an innocent child to help foster a bond between two people.

However, there may be an instance where a parent and mentor are not a good match, or the two grow apart over time. In this case, the parent and/or the mentor should bring it to the attention of a NurturePA, Inc. manager, who will address the situation and reassign the parent to a new mentor, when appropriate.

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