New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy, Healthy 2019

Published on: January 2nd, 2019

The new year always brings a sense of a fresh start. While everybody seems to be making plans to hit the gym and try the latest fad diet, we have a few other suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions that will hopefully increase happiness in your life.

1) Spend more quality time with your child. It doesn’t have to amount to more actual time in the day. The goal is simply to make sure you are spending quality time with your child when you are fully engaged without distractions such as technology or your endless to-do list.

2) Be kind to yourself. Recognize you can’t always do it all — and that is okay! Sometimes good enough is truly good enough!

3) When you hit a bump along your parenting journey, repair and reset. We all have times when we’re not our best parenting selves. The beauty of raising children is that they always give us the opportunity to repair temporary blips. In fact, repairing the temporary blips with tenderness and nurturing love actually builds resilience in our children. And those strong relationships are the necessary buffer against stress.

4) Make a commitment to do something for youself! Spend a few minutes reading a good book, meet your friends for dinner or take that night away with your significant other. Whether it’s something you do once a day, once a week, once a month or once a year — just make sure it’s something you truly enjoy!

5) Become a NurturePA mentor! In as little as one hour a week from the comfort of your own home, you can support new moms and help them better nurture their babies. Not only is it a great opportunity to give back to your community, but it will leave you feeling great about the positive impact you are making! Click to learn more>

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy new year!