Do you have parenting experience and some time to help new parents? If you are looking for a way to give back to the community, this could be a great fit for you.

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We are grateful to the foundations who have supported NurturePA, Inc.  We welcome individual donations as well.

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NurturePA, Inc., a charitable, non-profit organization, is connecting parents with the information and resources they need – exactly when they need it.

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NurturePA heart A Peek Inside the Nurture Program September 17, 2018 - At NurturePA, our volunteer mentors support moms during the first three years of her baby’s life — all through an innovative text messaging program. Volunteer mentors use our custom developed software to share parenting information, make referrals to community resources, and, perhaps most importantly, build relationships during a critical time in the life of a […]
Mentor Spotlight: Tracey August 14, 2018 - How long have you been a NurturePA mentor? I’ve been a mentor since May 2016. What makes the nurture® program so special? We get to help moms connect with their babies and let them know they are not alone. What is your favorite part about being a NurturePA mentor? That feeling when you get a […]
Mentor Spotlight: Laura A. July 17, 2018 - How long have you been a NurturePA mentor? Hi, I’m Laura. I’ve been a NurturePA mentor since the spring of 2017. What makes the nurture® program so special? NurturePA is special because new moms have someone to listen to concerns and offer guidance- no need to feel alone as a new mom who may be […]