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Parenting can be hard. So, if you’re the mom of a newborn or expecting a baby soon and you live in southwestern Pennsylvania, we invite you to enroll in the Nurture® Program. Once enrolled, you will be paired with a volunteer mentor who has parenting experience, is trained and supervised by a manager with a background in early child development.

Our volunteers help you with things like:

  • Answering general questions about parenting and infant care.
  • Suggesting activities that you can do with your child based on their developmental stage.
  • Offering encouragement or providing a sounding board when you need it.
  • Sharing evidence-based information and recommending local resources to help you meet any needs that arise.
    ….and more!

Our program is always free, confidential, and completely virtual through our text-based platform. Complete the form on this page to request your mentor!

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You’ll get the most out of the Nurture® Program when you and your mentor text back and forth. Your mentor will reach out to you once a week or so and, when you have a chance, it’s best if you reply to her texts so she knows that you’re receiving them and want to continue with the program. *
You can reach out to your mentor at any time with questions or issues that might come up and your mentor will get back to you as soon as she can. It’s important to know, however, that the Nurture® Program is not a crisis line and your mentor is not “on-call”. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or your child’s pediatrician. *
Your mentor will be reaching out to you once a week or so to check in to see how you and your baby are doing. You can get support from the Nurture® Program all the way until your child’s third birthday, but you can opt-out at any time. To opt-out of the program, you can text STOP to your mentor or you can reach out to us via email at *
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One last thing before you’re done! Please save this phone number as a contact in your phone so that when your mentor texts you for the first time, your cellular provider doesn’t block it and you know who it is. Here’s the number: 888-824-4029 *

Great - you’re all set! Once you hit submit, we’ll do some work behind the scenes to get you connected to your mentor. You should hear from your mentor in the next day or two. If it’s a weekend or a holiday, this might take us a little longer. Thanks for signing up for the Nurture® Program - we’re thrilled to support you on your parenting journey!