NurturePA mentors are parents who volunteer their time to serve as a support network and resource for the parents who are enrolled in the program. Our Mentors work anonymously, using only their first name when communicating with moms. In addition, mentors do not meet face to face with the parents they are supporting. All communication is done through texting.

Parents are able to reach their mentor by sending and receiving text messages. Mentors can receive messages from parents and reply using their computer or tablet. The Nurture® Program is truly a virtual support system.

When parents pose questions, it is the role of the mentor to either answer their question or provide them with resources and a recommended course of action. Mentors have access to a research-based database to help them answer questions from parents. They are also able to personalize the messages.

The Nurture® Program is a support system for parents, not an emergency resource. If a parent has a question that the mentor is unable to answer, such as a medical situation, the mentor will instruct the parent to seek medical attention at their child’s pediatrician’s office or emergency room.

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