What is NurturePA, Inc.?

NurturePA, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting healthy social and emotional development in young children by pairing their moms with experienced and knowledgeable mentors who use text messaging to answer questions and provide helpful information, while offering support and encouragement throughout the child’s first few years of life.

How does the program work?

The Nurture® Program is about moms helping other moms. Through the use of technology, volunteer mentors are connected with moms who need a little extra support. Learn more.

Who is eligible to enroll in the program?

Currently, moms who deliver at select hospital birthing centers in Western Pennsylvania are able to enroll in the program while they are in the hospital following the birth of their baby.

Is there a cost to participate in the program?

There is no cost to the moms who enroll in the program for support.

Can parents meet their mentor or call them on the phone?

All mentoring is done through text messaging, so moms and mentors do not meet face to face or call each other.

Who are the mentors?

NurturePA, Inc. mentors are mom who volunteer their time to serve as a support network and resource for the moms who are enrolled in the program. In addition to being moms, most mentors also have a background or experience in early childhood education, early intervention, social work, psychology, education, or a related field.

How often are mentors available?

Moms may text their mentor at any time. Mentors are asked to respond to moms within 24 hours, however mentors are often able to respond much more quickly.

How long does a mentoring engagement typically last?

The goal is to provide moms with support from the birth of their child until at least age three, however the timeline may vary for each individual situation. Some mentors and moms may choose to continue to work together until the child is five, while other moms may decide they no longer need the support of a mentor before their child turns three.

Can parents text their mentor in an emergency?

Moms may text their mentor to let them know they have an emergency situation. However, the Nurture® Program is not an emergency response program. In the event of an emergency situation, parents should call 911 for assistance.

Can I become a mentor?

All of our mentors are parents themselves who are willing to give at least one hour a week to help support moms. All mentors must have access to a computer or tablet and the internet. Click to apply to become a mentor.

How many parents do mentors typically support?

Each mentor is paired with 10-15 moms to support.

How much time does mentoring typically involve?

On average, mentors spend about 10 minutes per week with each mom they support. Because of the efficiency of the program, mentors are able to successfully support a number of moms in just 1-2 hours throughout the course of the week. Mentors are also able to adapt the work to fit their own schedule.

Do mentors have to use their personal mobile phone?

No, mentors do not have to use their personal mobile phone, nor do they have to provide their private phone number to the parents they support. Mentors use a program that enables them to easily send and receive text messages from a computer or tablet to help put moms in touch with the relevant information they need. Some mentors may wish to receive a text alert on their personal phone when they have a message from a mom in the system, however that is optional.

Why should I become a mentor?

Volunteering as a mentor is a great way to give back to the community without having to leave your home. Mentors can fulfill their role from anywhere they have access to a computer or tablet.

Can I refer parents to the program?

At this time, NurturePA, Inc. is unable to take referrals. Only moms who deliver at participating hospitals are able to enroll in the program while they are still at the hospital following the birth of their baby.

How can I support the Nurture® Program?

Mentors support the Nurture® Program by volunteering their time. Click to learn more about becoming a mentor.

You can also support the Nurture® Program by making a donation.
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“It’s nice to connect with moms who are going through what I went through not that long ago. I’m finding that I know/remember more than I thought I did, and I have even more resources now to help find information when I don’t know the answer. I feel this experience will actually give me confidence for my next baby.”
Carey, NurturePA Mentor